Child Welfare Emergency Services

Child Welfare Emergency Services

Help Line

The help line is available 24/7 for Department of Human Services, Juvenile Court Services, Law Enforcement, and for families already involved in CWES.
CWES 24-hour Help Line: 712-209-6345

Iowa counties served include:
Lyon, Sioux, Osceola, O’Brien, Dickinson, Clay, Buena Vista, Emmet, Palo Alto, Kossuth, Pocahontas, Humboldt, Winnebago, and Hancock.

Mediation & Crisis Intervention

Mediation and Crisis Intervention are short-term responses to an immediate need. Mediation may be provided in the youth’s home, school, or elsewhere to address the immediate situation with the intent to keep families together and avoid removal from the home.

In-Home Supervision

In-Home Supervision will be provided when it is determined that the safety of the youth can be provided for in their own home, the home of a relative, or other safe living situation. A specific plan for supervision will be developed with the referring worker and the family. The plan will identify the duration of supervision, frequency and type of contact that is needed, and who will be working with the family. It is anticipated that in-home supervision will be provided for up to 30 days with frequency of contact with the family decreasing over time unless otherwise indicated.