CSEC Program Components

Individualized to equip, enlighten, and empower young women who have been sexually exploited, are at risk of being sexually exploited, or have experienced sexual exploitation in their families, Stop Sexual Exploitation Support program components serve as an overlay to the Forest Ridge core programming.

All young women identified to have experienced sexual exploitation receive the following services:

Psychosocial Assessment – Licensed masters level therapists screen each young woman at intake to assess social, family, medical, legal, and educational histories and issues. These assessments are utilized by the treatment team to create the treatment plans and develop individual treatment services for each girl.

Individual Therapy –  Trauma-Sensitive sessions are provided weekly to address historical and emerging issues resulting from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Family Therapy, when appropriate – Family therapy explores systems, dynamics and focuses on family history as well as emerging issues, especially important for those family members identified as discharge resources. Family therapy will begin when it is determined to be clinically appropriate.

Group Therapy – Weekly MSW therapy sessions provide a safe place of support and learning regarding issues related to the recovery and treatment process.

SE Support Group and SE Individual Work – Trauma-sensitive group and individual work is focused on educating young women about sexuality, emotional development, and the effects of trauma on emotional development, relationships, resilience, and the future.  Support is provided to assist in understanding how the Forest Ridge core program components relate to each young woman who has been the victim of sexual exploitation. These services are provided by the SE Support facilitator under the direction of the Clinical Supervisor.

Creative Literature, Media – Resources are provided to young women to help support each individual in developing her own unique life plan.

Discharge Planning – Prior to admission, each young woman and her treatment team begin to explore discharge and aftercare options.  While at Forest Ridge, options are further explored and the necessary skills are identified to help improve long-term outcomes, including assertiveness training, life skills, and work readiness.

Physical Awareness – Medical support and education facilitated by the Forest Ridge RN serving as a foundation, young women participate in Girl’s Circle group, health and physical education classes and may choose to participate extra-curricular sports to help improve their physical health and awareness.  All young women at Forest Ridge participate in Comprehensive Sexuality Education group.

Student Assemblies – Young women are individually recognized for achievement in education, core program work, leadership, and cottage cohesion.

Staff Training – All new staff receive base training to increase their awareness of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, sensitivity to victims, survivors, and families, as well as treatment issues unique to SE Support services.