Primary Program – Levels

The progressive, developmental model of the core program facilitates the development of life skills in a step-by-step manner.  Individually, youth are taught the concepts and application of skills consistent with their current level of progress and focus in the core program.  Youth are then provided the tools to connect their understanding of the new concepts to their own life experiences through worksheets and discussion groups with staff and peers.  

The level system defines specific learning objectives in educational, vocational, and socialization skills, which address changes in delinquent thinking and behavior patterns.  Earning promotions in the level system requires that youth demonstrate new skills, knowledge, and behavior through group discussions, written assignments and personal interactions with peers and staff.  Progressing up the level system allows students to earn increasing responsibility in the peer environment.  


Orientation Level – Learning program rules and staff roles

Level I – Developing self-awareness, recognizing personal patterns and choices

Level II – Learning the implications of behavior and choices

Level III – Decision making and alternatives to past choices

Level IV, Falcon – Relapse prevention, adding to success